Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last night our whole family went to Mi Amigos (fav Mexican spot) for a Friday night dinner.  The fact that we had all the kids with us was an anomaly.  With two teens and a tween, someone is usually with friends on Friday nights.  Anyway, Sadie got a call from Jenna (her lifelong friend from age 3)  saying that some of the new admit lists for BYU were posted on their website.  I quickly got out my phone and starting snapping pics. She told Sadie to look up the status of her app.  AHHH...she's in!  It's real.  In September, Sadie is Brigham Young University bound.  And, as soon as she got the news, I looked across the table at Sierra.  She looked like she was going to cry (I'm glad it's not always me).  This means she really is leaving! May I express in text?    :(

OK, not a great quality pic, but basically it said, Dear Sadie, You're accepted.
Yes, we will be visiting Sadie for some hiking and skiing... Utah mountains.
                        This where Gregg and I met almost 22 years ago.....full circle I guess.  
And, I know that's the way it's supposed to be.