Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the 29th

I can remember being little and feeling so bad for those kids who had a "leap year" birthday.  From my teachers explanation, those kids only had a birthday once every four years.  It was perplexing to me.  Even now, I still feel a little bad for people with leap year birthdays.  I'm sure most of them probably don't mind.  My unrest with this situation probably can be traced back to my "type a" personality.  I just like order.  A fluctuating birthday celebration date just kind of disturbs me.   Speaking of birthdays,  three of our four kids were born on holidays.  Convenient, huh?

Gentry was born on thanksgiving.

Drew was born on Veteran's day.

Sadie was born on Labor day (no pun intended).

Sierra, well, she is the third child.  She is the non-conformist. She is also the only child who does not routinely get school off for her birthday.  If given a choice, she'd still choose to be the  non-conformist.
Hope your having a happy February 29th.

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