Monday, March 26, 2012

the good, the bad, and the septic tank

Five years ago we purchased a little acreage to build our home.  Five years ago our builder told us that we would not be able to tap into our city's sewage system and that we were going to need a septic tank. "Noooooo! Not a septic tank!!!"(me).   I begged, I pleaded, I rationalized.  Then our builder explained something to Gregg about a twenty-five thousand dollar cost to have the city sewer connected,  and boom, we were getting a septic tank.  For the first four years and eleven months that we lived here, I would obsess, "I know it's going to happen...I know it's going to happen, backup. Just a matter of time".  But, I was reassured by our builder, that our system was self-contained and would never need any service.  Two weeks ago, I looked into our backyard, breathed a long over due sigh of relief and told myself, "See, there was nothing to worry about. I mean it's been five years, and nothing."
 Fast forward to Saturday.  I'm standing in our bathroom, when suddenly our toilet starts bubbling and percolating like a coffee pot.  I try and ignore the toilet's strange behavior.  I jump in the shower, turn on the water, and immediately, I have a small lake ("no, no, NOOOOOO!!!!"). Yep, septic tank failure. Back up. It was a weekend, but fortunately, we have friends in the business (who were willing to come on a Saturday).  Unfortunately, because it was a  weekend, every dump truck (so appropriately named) was full (let's not discuss) and we wouldn't be getting any "relief" until Monday.  Do you know how many house hold appliances are affected when you don't have sewage??? No toilets, no showers, no washing machine, no garbage disposal, and not even my dishwasher could function.  And, the odor proliferating every corner of my house!? Hard to describe.  The girls and I finally gave up and did one night in a hotel. 
     So, today is Monday and this was a lovely sight...
and I've decided that the sound of a flushing toilet is an absolutely beautiful  thing.

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