Tuesday, March 13, 2012

true love and spaghetti

Spring break in Utah, and I'm sick.  While everyone else headed to the slopes, I headed to the lodge's medical clinic.  While everyone brought back fun stories from the day, I brought home (to our rental cabin) a nebulizer and some breathing treatments....go me!!!! But, here's the good news, I think I must finally be a grown-up. Although I know this post is sounding a little "whoa is me", I am actually feeling so happy because no one else in my family is sick.  Gentry has been talking about this trip for three months.  Sadie brought a friend.  Drew is finally back in action with his collarbone healed, and Sierra decided to try snowboarding for the first time.  They are happy. That's the most real kind of love right?  Being able to be genuinely happy for another person, despite your circumstances.  That's the kind of love I have for my family.

           I wish I had some great pics of my snowboarders in action, maybe tomorrow.  But, our friend Aidan did take these pics of Gregg in action in the kitchen.  Since I was contagious, Gregg took over the cooking.  He even sang a  little something in Italian. 

             Ciao Bella!

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Candice said...

My son has been sick this week and I hear Jenny and Tyler and both girls are sick! I hope you feel better soon and get to hit the slopes, though I might fake being sick just to stay indoors and spend some quality alone time with a book.