Sunday, May 13, 2012

motherhood is...

 I have had the happiest "happy mother's day". It was so nice, that it will require a separate blog post in a day or two.
A few months ago I entered Stephanie Nielson's "motherhood is..." essay contest. And hey, I didn't win, (please see the beautiful and heart wrenching story of the winning essay here) but I did enjoy developing my own essay...

Motherhood is….after a long, HARD day, looking at my sleeping kids, taking a deep breath, and knowing that I’ll WILLINGLY and GRATEFULLY do it all again tomorrow. 

Motherhood is giving EVERYTHING I have and everything I am to help my children BECOME who they’re capable of becoming.
Motherhood is NOT for the weak!  

Motherhood, is looking at the BIGGER picture and appreciating that my kids are INDIVIUALS with their own opinions, HOPES, challenges, talents, and fears.

Motherhood is RESPECTING that each one of my kids are on their own “journey” on this EARTH, and that it’s my job to GUIDE them on that journey.  My role as a mother has evolved through the years from being an ultimate PROTECTOR, to a most loyal sideline cheerleader.  I recognize the best thing I can INSTILL in my children is a sense of their incredible worth as children of a LOVING Heavenly Father. 

I believe that our children are sent to us for a REASON.  I believe that if we are HUMBLE and prayerful, those reasons WILL become clear to us in time. 

Motherhood, for me, has meant gaining PERSPECTIVE and realizing, that when my kids don’t brush their teeth before going to bed, the WORLD will not shift on its access.  And, that helping my kids to feel GOOD about who they ARE, will long out last the importance of if they went to bed on time. 
  Motherhood is TEARS of frustration behind my sunglasses driving my kids to school on an ESPECIALLY rough morning (usually a Monday).
 Motherhood is LEARNING, each day, to be a little more unselfish.

Motherhood is “warm fuzzies” when one of my CHILDREN shows unsolicited love and KINDESS to one of my other children.

Motherhood is sitting down to dinner, BLESSING that dinner, and getting up eight more times to take care of everyone’s NEEDS before I actually eat that dinner. 

Motherhood is the feeling of complete PEACE and joy when I HUG my children just because. 

Motherhood is PLEADING on my knees to a loving Heavenly Father to know how to HELP a particular child, and expecting in FAITH to receive an answer.

Motherhood is the REALITY that I set the mood in our home (for good or bad).   No pressure!

Motherhood is being ABLE to comfort my child when no one else can.

I believe that Motherhood is the most AMAZING, frustrating, MIRACULOUS, exhausting, and worthwhile adventure I will ever EXPERIENCE on this Earth.

Motherhood has positively DEFINED and refined me into SOMEONE who I could not otherwise have become. 

Motherhood is a DIVINE appointment from an ALL knowing and loving GOD.  Motherhood is a privilege. Motherhood brings me my GREATEST joy.

 Motherhood is eventually REACHING that point when I will have to let go of my children to HOLD on.   Motherhood is KNOWING that, in sending my children into the world, I am allowing them to CONTINUE to grow and LEARN and progress.   And, that that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  
Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing moms!!!!  
And especially my mom (holding Sadie when she was only a week old)...I love you!

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