Tuesday, May 15, 2012

last song

Sadie had her final choir concert tonight.  It was bitter sweet.  They sang a song by Dan Forrest called Oread Farewell.  My video equipment was somewhat lacking , but you can see and hear the song here. And maybe (after listening) have just a little idea of how I felt as I listened and watched my oldest child sing of a farwell.   Bitter because of the impending "good-bye". And oh so sweet,  reflecting on the amazing young woman she's become and remembering  all the years of joy that she's brought to our lives.
Sadie and Drew
Sadie and "Doc"...best choir director ever.
Sadie's bff Daniel

Grandparents are the best.

Sadie, Sierra and Gentry

Sadie with her bff girlfriends....Corinne, Naomi, and Diana.

This last one kind of made my heart hurt...8 days.

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