Friday, February 27, 2015

One of my "loves" about technology

I got the nicest surprise text and picture yesterday.  One of my very dear friends from high school, Tracy, lives in Houston.  Yesterday she and Sadie got to meet for the first time and have lunch together.  
(Thank you Tracy!!!)

Now, if you happen to live in Gilbert AZ, where there are like a million mormons, disregard this next thought.  But, if you happen to live somewhere in the midwest, or the east coast.  Here's a little request from a missionary mom.  If you ever happen to see the mormon missionaries cruising around town on their bikes (or their feet), ask them if you can take a picture of them to send home to their moms.  This is like the very best thing ever for a missionary mom to see that their child is alive, and well, and happy, and busy.  We once ran into some missionaries in England. We promptly took a pic to send home. And I guess that request would be for anyone international too.  I promise, you will make someone's whole week with just the click of your phone camera!

We are LESS than six weeks away from Sadie's return home.  Last week we received her itinerary in the mail, making it seem that much more real.   
 Hurry April, hurry April, hurry April...

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