Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Good Morning Sunshines!  How was your Valentine's weekend?  Ours was lovely.  Friday (I believe I may have mentioned) Gregg and I enjoyed our annual date to the Melting Pot.  Saturday we appreciated  another tradition that we started 19 years ago when Sadie was just one.  Gregg always picks up the Olive Garden for our "family" Valentine's dinner. That way we avoid the crowds and I avoid cooking.  Win, win. As the kids have gotten older, they are sometimes out with friends, and miss the Valetine's family dinner.  But since one of the teens (who shall remain nameless) was grounded on Saturday, we actually had our whole family (minus Sadie who comes home in seven weeks) gathered around the table for our italian take-out.  Sunday Gregg and I headed to Flagstaff for a quick over night escape.  It's only the second time we've left the teenagers in charge.  From what I can tell, things went.  Except for my new lamp in the playroom, which looks like the shade is slightly bent.   I don't even want to know.

Gregg and I loved our time together.  Yesterday we stopped by my in-laws ranch to pick up a couple of horses to bring home. It was such a nice road trip, listening to Gregg's eighties playlist and enjoying the sun on my face.  And when "You're the Inspiration" from Chicago played, Gregg asked me what it reminded me of.  I had to laugh as I thought back to my eighth grade year when I performed in Franklin Junior High's water ballet program.  Yes people, I said water ballet.  As in costumes, spotlights, music, and a pool.  And the music that my group performed our routine to… Yep, "You're the Inspiration".

So, today, it's back to the school routine and my regular everyday life.  And my regular everyday life is a very good life. This has been the conversation lately in our home...  Sierra is trying to talk us into a second dog and Gentry has decided that she desperately needs a Bengal kitten.  She even drafted up  a three month plan of action to show us that she can be responsible in adding another pet to our clan.  We are anxiously counting down the days before Sadie returns home. I can barely think about it with out getting crazy emotional, so I try to have it just be a pleasant passing thought. Drew has his first lacrosse game in two weeks, and our Arizona "spring"  is trying to turn into a very early summer with temps in the eighties.  And although I realize that may sound so amazing to the rest of the country right now, for us, it will mean an even longer scorching summer.  So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few more weeks in the seventies and even long sleeves.  So, how was your weekend? Tell me about it here.

Happiest Tuesday to all of you Beauties. 


Michele Rosga said...

"You're the Inspiration" is my mom's and my song! I absolutely love it! Ironically, I heard it on Lite 107.3 this morning. It's not one they play often, so when I hear it, it makes me smile :) Thinking about Catalina makes me smile, too! Good memories from a time that doesn't seem that long ago!
We did dinner with the girls on Saturday, too. It's nice to take the time to all sit together when life is so crazy hectic otherwise :)

Terra said...

Michele, so great that your mom loves that song too! Isn't sitdown dinner with the kids the best! We don't get to do it a lot, but I love it when we do :-) I was laughing so hard thinking about those Catalina days!