Tuesday, August 18, 2015

con queso

I woke up grumpy con queso this morning. Which (my kids will tell you) denotes not just grumpy, but an embellished sense of grumpy. It was a rough night mixed with insomnia and a few disturbing dreams that suddenly ended with my 6:25 a.m. alarm this morning. You know those kind of nights that kind of set the tone for the next day….con queso.  But, anyway, here I am Tuesday morning, actually managing to type a post.  So, maybe I will resort to an emergency coke in my fridge and decide to  make the rest of the day better.

We've been smothering here in Arizona the past couple of weeks.  I think Saturday my car temp actually said 115.  Gross.  But, my weather app tells me that by next Saturday our high temp will be a balmy 100 degrees with an overnight low of 79.  That I can live with, for awhile anyway. And another happy thing….Sadie will be coming home from college this Friday for a nine day visit between semesters.  Happy, right?  And, next week our whole family is going to see "Wicked" in Phoenix.  We are all very happy about that, except Drew.  Drew is not happy to see Wicked and has asked us several times to give away his ticket. Maybe Glinda will win him over.

Finally getting around to posting these first day of school pics….
 senior year

sophomore year

   first year of junior high

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday.  And if your day happens to be embellished with anything, I hope it's not cheese, but rainbow sprinkles. 

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I love my beautiful family!!