Tuesday, August 11, 2015

so long summer

Good  morning to you dear readers.  Today, finally, I feel like I can sit down and take five minutes to catch up this little blog of mine.    If I would sum up our summer with a song, it would be that great jingle from the Comfort Suites Hotel commercial….you know, "I've been everywhere man!".  Love that catchy song and found myself singing it my head on more than one road trip this summer.  Starting in May (driving Sadie to Utah) and continue through August, I logged a lot of miles this summer.  I do love a road trip, and for the summer of 2015, we made the rounds to some of our favorite destinations. Cali is always at the top of the list, but Flagstaff (I believe I have mentioned) is my newest love.

I barely even touched my Cannon this summer, my phone was just too convenient.  Here's a brief wrap up of our summer in pictures.

San Diego

Friend Time

Cousin Time

California Windmills
(I am kind of obsessed with these and could watch them for hours)

Gregg's Garden
(the best tomatoes he's ever grown)

Lake Time

Dog Time

 Gentry and I pushing our limits, finishing the "black" course together.  

And as our summer came to a close, this was the scene from our last road trip.

Last Wednesday it was back to school and back to real life. 
Looking forward to some semblance of a schedule and a little more time for some quiet and  clarity of thought, and hopefully, self-improvement.  I'm always trying to find the balance.  
Wishing you clarity and balance on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

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