Saturday, January 16, 2016

thx van halen

I heart Saturdays. I started this one off by giving the dog a bath.  Then, just for kicks, I gave the cat one too (she was less than grateful). And then, it was off to airport, so Gregg could get on another plane.  As I drove away I felt that familiar weight on my heart.  This is the life we chose almost twenty-five years ago, but  good-bye is still good-bye, no matter how many times you have to say it.  I tried to regroup and turned on the radio.  Sirius classic rewind  was playing, girl, you really got me now by Van Halen. Hee…instant smile as I turned it up and was transported back to my big hair, big eighties,  and the girl who loved an epic guitar solo days. And I thought, "Hey, I remember me!"  Lately, I've felt that familiar edge of depression sitting on my chest.  I guess it may be something I will occasionally have to battle the rest of my life.  It's crazy though how music always help me connect with who I am.  That internal soundtrack of my life has this power to pull me out of dark places by just bringing up a memory of a different me in a different time. Like the eighties.   In a few weeks, I'll be the one boarding a plane traveling to Milwaukee.  There I will meet up with some of my very favorite eighties peeps for a quick girls weekend reunion. Looking forward to a lot of laughing, and remembering and well….mostly just laughing.
Happy Saturday.

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