Monday, January 11, 2016

I will...

Musings from the kitchen pig.

So, new start, new year, right? So far, the year 2016 has the potential to be one of our busiest  yet with a wedding, a graduation, and a another mission.  The tick, tick, tick of some unseen clock seems to constantly echo inside my head.  In an effort to restore some mental balance, yesterday I took some time to actually write down my new year's goals  in my good old fashioned, paper and pen journal. It's funny how this simple exercise has already given me some new energy and light on this Monday morning. I feel that so often I become ensnared in that trap of taking care of the immediate, day to day, "have-to's" without devoting time to the things that will actually matter in ten years. Even as I started to sit down to type this post, the dryer signaled that my whites are now dry.  I had a short discussion with myself, remembered my new goals, and then sat down to type. I mean really, the laundry will still be sitting in the dryer when I'm done. But, I only get to do this day once.   In 2016 I want to start living more purposefully.  I want to find a a way to make each hour in the day contribute cumulatively to something of worth and value. And tomorrow, I think I'll share a few of my goals (blog more, check!)
What are some of your New Year's goals?   

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