Thursday, January 14, 2016


I dragged mysel to the gym this morning. I didn't want to go.  I felt tired and it had been a short night. BUT…the goals I was telling you about?  Well, exercising three times a week each week in 2016 is one of them.  So, I made it to the gym and biked ten miles and listened to my playlist and congratulated myself for being there.  And when I left I felt awake and happy and reminded myself that no matter how I wish there was an easier substitute, physical exercise is just something I have to do to be happy.  So, yeah, I checked that goal off at 8:15 this morning.

Under the area of spiritual goals for this year…. Find thirty minutes a day five days a week to read, ponder, pray and listen to what my Heavenly Father would have me know and do regarding myself and my family.  Mormon meditating if you will.  Because I have found, that just like exercise, this is something I am kind of a mess without. But when I make the effort, the payoff is huge….. as in more patience, more joy, and more understanding of the significance of my journey here on this third rock from the sun.

Another goal for the new year, and this one falls under the category of "emotional goals"…..Read six book in 2016.   I love to read, but it's a rare occurrence.  Mostly because 1).  it has to be a really good, worthwhile book with some kind of positive message (which sometimes seem in short supply) and 2).  ADD=me. And by the way, I'd love a little help with this goal.  If you have a book that you love and would recommend, please tell me about it here or my fb page. Thx you rock.

My other goals all focus on my family and trying to continue to serve them and love them with all of me.  This is always (cumulatively) what brings me the most happiness. Real happiness.  Lasting happiness.

SO...Bring on this new year.  I'm ready.  Show me what you've got TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN.

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