Monday, February 13, 2017


I went running today for the first time in forever. It made my heart so happy.  It's a perfect Arizona winter day, a few lazy clouds hanging around, sunshine breaking through, and 70 degrees.  The best kind of day to run.  I know me.  Very well.  I have never been able to heal my mind or my spirit without healing my body.  They are so intricately connected.   Last February I created my first vision board (more about that to come). On one of the cards I wrote,  "I will become a certified yoga instructor and have the opportunity to teach".  I wasn't even sure why I wrote this.  I have mostly been doing Pilates for the last several years. But then, after my women's retreat in November,  this goal became something I knew I needed to pursue.

So here goes my next adventure.
Graduating in June.

Namaste, my beautiful readers.

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