Friday, December 23, 2011

Camelback and PJ's

This morning Sadie and some of the senior gals got up at 5:30 am to hike Camelback and see the sunrise.
 And they did.
 At the top of Camelback was this christmas tree and a little sign asking hikers to help decorate it (cool, huh!)

 Tomorrow is christmas eve, and to be really honest, I am exhausted from trying to get ready.  You can tell by the way I wrapped 13 presents string tied and curled, just those self-adhesive bows.  

And can you believe what I asked my family to do last christmas eve?  There was a little complaining and grumbling.
  Drew ( Mom are you serious?)   and Sadie ( You're not going to take a picture are you?)
Well of course I was going to take a picture.  And, funny thing, despite the grumbling last year, all my kids have asked me in the last month
Mom, are you getting us matching pajamas this year? 
like they're hoping I did.  I didn't. Who knew they'd be such a hit.   
But I'm glad I took a picture.
2 days........

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