Tuesday, December 6, 2011

yep, broken.

Thanksgiving 2008
Day One-trips and lands with his face on a propane tank (he's bruised, nothing seems to be broken)
Day Two-is thrown from a horse and has to take a trip to Prescott's ER (arm does seem to be broken)

After I explain to ER nurse what happened to his face, and then his arm, she turns to Drew and says
     Drew, do you feel safe at home?

Drew (age 11) responds
      Uh, yea? 
Yep, one of those kind of "mother moments"!  Luckily, CPS did not show up.

Last night Drew heads out the door for lacrosse practice.  Forty five minutes later he calls me.
 Mom, can you come get me?  I hit sholders with another guy and heard a "pop".
Drew (far right)-lacrosse camp last summer.
I call our good friend Dr. Duane.  He meets us, checks it out and recommends we go to the ER (thinks his collar bone is broken)
We get to the ER.  X-rays, pain meds, docs conclusion...
Yep, broken.
So, Drew is super bummed (the season started last Saturday).  I am super sad (thinking about everything he can't do now-lacrosse, guitar, the snowboard trip Gregg had already planned).
I am sitting there (silently) trying to think of something positive to say when Drew remarks,
Well, at least they didn't ask me if I felt safe at home.
Seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  that kid.

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