Friday, December 16, 2011

tea time

The British really have it right when it comes to this concept.  Sit down during the day, drink something warm, regroup, breath.  Growing up in the cold midwest, we drank a lot of tea (the caffeine free, herbal kind).  Celestial Seasonings have a lot  of wonderful flavors, but my favorite was "Sleepytime" with lots of honey.  Now that I live in a desert, a cup of hot tea isn't as appealing.  However, when December rolls around each year, I break out my Michael Graves teapot.  I also have a collection of mugs that I've painted through the years. December is always crazy, but how much I love those ten minutes here and there when I make myself sit down for tea (sounds so civilized doesn't it?).   Remember moms...your air mask first, then your child's.....take time for tea (or a pedi or a book) and reflect for a minute on what's important. Really, you've earned it, and you'll be a better mom for it.

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