Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning

My kids have a tradition they started several years ago.  On Christmas eve Sadie or Drew set their alarm for somewhere around 3:00 am.  Then,  they wake up the other kids, and head down to the family room to see what Santa brought. Gentry was hoping this Christmas that  Santa would bring her the Playmobil mansion (all my kids have loved these toys growing up and I love how they foster creativity).  So, Santa delivered this Christmas morning and Gentry was thrilled.  Later that afternoon Drew and I were talking.  I commented
I wonder if  Gentry thought Santa would bring her the mason?
Drew responded
I'm pretty sure she did cause when I woke her up (1:30 am this year) she said, 'just a minute' then ran over and grabbed her ship so she could sail her playmobil people down to see their new home.  
After breakfast went to church. I was hoping to get a pic of all of us in church clothes....
before I could even say, "Don't change your...." Sierra and G were back in their PJ's.  I couldn't blame them.
My dad did a silver point drawing of each of the kids this year.  
You know how hard it is to surprise your kids as they get older?  Sierra has been asking for a typewriter for over a year.....and this year, her Grandma (Mumsie) delivered...and I caught it on camera.

The boy is ready for the slopes (as soon as the collarbone heals!)
Slap watches from the cousins, very cool.
And for my hubby, a year supply (if it's rationed) of Matta's salsa.
My dad was puzzled... he was reading a certificate saying that we're getting them a computer.
He seemed pleased.
Gregg's favorite place to be is "the ranch" dad painted a landscape of it.

A new guitar????
Multi-tasking....Drew took off his sling long enough to try out his new phone and guitar strap.
Merry Christmas 2011

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