Wednesday, September 26, 2012

our patriotic weekend

Every year our city of Gilbert hosts a Constitution Week.  It was started several years ago to help people become more aware of the constitution, and the liberties it provides.  It has grown into an amazing event that our family looks forward to each year.  We live in a city who's population is over 200, but the thing I love about Gilbert, is that it still maintains that "small town" feel.  Constitution Week is one of those events that makes me reflect on the many freedoms and blessings that come through living in our great country.  Alex Boye was the main performer of the evening.  He gave an unbelievable performance.  The guy is a super entertainer and gave such a fun, family friendly concert.  My favorite was a remix of Coldplay's "Paradise" performed by Alex and The Piano Guys. See it here. Also check out  McKenna who did a little pre show that girl!

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