Tuesday, October 2, 2012

an october moon

Happy October!  
There are subtle signs in the air that fall has arrive in Arizona.  We had a few days last week that were under one-hundred degrees.  The nights are getting really pleasant.  The light is changing from that harsh summer glare to something softer and more peaceful.  I always get very homesick for Wisconsin this time of year.  I miss the smell of fall and that first gust of cold air.  I miss the changing leaves and watching the squirrels run around trying to accumulate their winter stash.  Can you believe I traded squirrels for scorpions? Oh well. 

We had a really happy night on Sunday.  Drew and I went on a bike ride at dusk, and as we drove home, we got to see this October moon rise.  I snapped this picture, and can you believe this bat that showed up out of nowhere? Don't. (I mean the bat part).  I was having a little fun on PicMonkey.  You can view the site here.  They have some really great halloween tools right now.  I think I actually like it even better that PicNic.

After our ride, I got "warm fuzzies" when Drew decided to go back outside to play a game with the girls.  Several years ago my kids started playing this thing they call "vehicle soccer".  So basically, everyone finds something with wheels (scooter, roller blades, rip stick,etc...) and jumps on (or in) to their "vehicle" of choice.  Then, goals and teams are set up, and the soccer ball gets kicked, swept (lacrosse sticks) or pushed to the other team's goal.  In this house, the goals are our garage door and exit gate. It was one of those nights when I am truly convinced that getting to be a mom is the best thing ever. There's nothing better than family unity or in this case, vehicle soccer.

I did feel a little pain in my heart thinking, "I wish Sadie was here too".  But, Happy Day! We are flying Sadie home for a short weekend on the nineteenth.  I cannot wait to give her a hug, and maybe, the kids can even talk her into vehicle soccer.

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh I miss this so much, can't wait to come home!