Tuesday, October 9, 2012

do something physically hard, check.

So I not only survived our sprint triathlon on Saturday, but actually loved doing it.  My goals going into the race? 1) To not be last, and  2) run across the finish line.  I know, it really shouldn't have mattered when I finished.  I don't consider myself to be a shallow person, but I did want to cross the finish line with a little dignity.  My favorite part of the race?  Getting to be there with Drew.  His characteristic "chillaxen" attitude keep me calm before the swim and I loved having him as my race buddy.  

Gregg was our ultimate support crew and kept us going where we were supposed to go while cheering the whole time.  Love my husband.
And this about sums it up how we felt when it was over....
....and now I must  go check my bucket list again.

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Unknown said...

THIS IS TOO CUTE. I am so proud of you guys!!