Friday, October 5, 2012

it's tomorrow

This has been the longest day ever.  I have been so stinkin' nervous about our little race.  I sincerely hope that the anticipation will be worse than the actually event.  I know it's not a marathon or a full triathlon, but how cow, I have been kind of a mess today. I'm not sure why.  Remind me to do something a little less stressful next time I pull out that bucket list. 

On a totally different note, this weekend (when we're not running) our family will be watching the lds general conference. Last week we had a worldwide meeting of our women's organization, the relief society. Here's the link to that meeting....and here's a link to my favorite talk given by Linda S. Reeves. Very inspiring!  Sadie actually got tickets to the Saturday afternoon session of conference.  I told her I'd look for her on television as I was recovering on my couch.....seriously, its just a mini-triathalon for crying out loud.   How bad can it be, right?  
Happy Friday to you and yours.

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