Monday, November 5, 2012

Make mine a Prime

Ok friends, christmas is only forty-nine days away.  You know how last christmas you promised yourself you'd be a little more organized this year, and a little less stressed?  Or maybe that was just me.  Anyway, I'd like to pass on one of the nicest things I've ever done for myself....

Pre-typed addresses for all my Christmas card.  It took about two hours to put together initially.  Now I just update and add as needed (which usually takes about five minutes). And when our Christmas cards are ready, just print a stick.  Lovely.

Here's another thing I just discovered.  Amazon Prime.  Amazon on steroids.  So basically, next time you shop on Amazon, see if the item your purchasing is available on Prime.  If it is, purchse it through Prime, and they ship it to you in less than forty-eight hours, for FREE.  You can try Prime for two months, order as much as you want, and cancel without obligation.  I know I'm sounding like a commercial here, but seriously, this is the coolest thing.  If you sign up for Prime,  it's seventy-nine dollars a year.  I can easily spend that on shipping in just three months (I love internet shopping). favorite blow-dryer caught on fire (literally) last Wednesday (don't worry Mom, I'm ok).   One hour later, I ordered the identical dryer on Amazon Prime for almost half of what I payed for the original.  It arrived on my doorstep forty-two hours later with no shipping fee.  LOVE!  

On a totally separate note,  it's election day tomorrow.  And without getting into politics, may I just say how grateful and blessed I feel to live in a country where we have to privilege to vote!  Good luck to you and yours!  No matter the outcome, I am really looking forward to an end to the political phone calls.

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