Saturday, May 11, 2013

something light and easy

Happy Saturday! What are your weekend plans? We will be cheering for our men's high school team as they take on our biggest rivals in the state volley ball championship.  Go Tigers!!! 
Summer is just around the corner, and I wanted to pass on one of my family's favorite summer time treats. This trifle dessert is so easy to put together,  and a yummy way to take advantage of the summer fruit harvest.  
1 angel food cake (our local grocery always carries these in baked goods)
1 large package cool whip (or you can use real whip cream)
1 large package jello instant vanilla pudding (prepared as directed)
1 large package fresh blue berries 
1 large package fresh raspberries 

Slice cake as pictured and layer with other ingredients in large trifle dish (or very deep glass container).  Chill for at least two hours (if possible).  

I also love this dessert because it's a fun thing to make with my kids. This was Gentry's creation last weekend. 

So easy! Enjoy.

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