Monday, May 27, 2013


Memorial Day. Enjoying time together as a whole family (Gregg returned from Italy last night).  Sadie found out from our Bishop yesterday that her mission destination was  assigned on Friday.  Now, we just have to wait, and watch the mail box in anticipation of that little white envelope.  The contents that will read something like this, "Sister Sadie Maughan, you have been assigned to labor in the ??? mission".  I have done soooo well to this point.  I have felt calm and peaceful and not the slightest bit nervous.  Until yesterday.  The anxiety kicked in full gear this morning, and I finally had to go to the gym and just run it out. Sadie (at least on the surface) seems to be taking all in stride and insists that wherever it is is where she's supposed to go.  I love that girl.

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Victoria said...

Waiting is the worst!!

So excited for Sadie:)