Thursday, May 9, 2013

wisdom teeth woes and birthdays

Poor Sadie.
This picture was from day one (yesterday).  Today I left her alone for awhile.  I had an appointment I couldn't miss. The Dr. said that would be okay ( to leave her alone) after 24 hours and establishing how she reacted to narcotics.  Yesterday Sadie "reacted" by sleeping or watching movies for most of the day.  This morning she seemed very cognizant and convinced me that she did NOT need someone to come stay with her.  One my way home from my appoint I called to check on her.  She said everything was fine.  When I got home I found her parked on the couch, just where I left her.  I was relieved.  Everything looked okay.  Then I went into the kitchen.  There were parts of our ice-cream maker in the sink and on the counter.
Me, "Ah, Sadie? Did you try and make ice-cream?"
Sadie, "Yep!"
Me, "Ummm, you know we have lots of ice-cream in the freezer, right?"
Sadie, "Yep! I just thought it would taste better.  I didn't work."
Me, "Alrighty then..."

Note to not leave Sadie alone while medicated.

On a very separated note, Happy Birthday to these very important people.
My husband....

and my Dad.
Seventeen years ago with Sadie

Break out the cake.

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