Tuesday, September 17, 2013

checking off the missionary list

We (finally) finished shopping for Sadie today.  The funniest part?  Trying to convince her to buy the "really kind of ugly" yet totally supportive orthotic shoes.

 And although she was completely bugged at how "not cute" they are, I hope she will be embracing them after her first week in Houston and  twelve hour days on her feet.  

I am feeling so mentally tired tonight, for lack of a better way to explain it.  Sadie is still very excited, but also starting to get nervous.  I've watched so many friends go through this, but experiencing it myself seems almost surreal.  I'm trying to gear up for the whole "mission drop off" thing....something I'll explain later this week.  
This past Sunday was hard. Sadie and I are both primary teachers (youth sunday school) for our congregation.  Sadie teaches the five year olds and I teach the six year olds.  Her little class sits right in front of mine for group time.  Sunday was Sadie's last time to teach her class before she leaves.  And as we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" in singing time, I just completely came undone.  A train wreck, clean up aisle nine, "stick a fork in me cause I'm  done" kind of crying mess (and I am an ugly crier).  I had people passing me kleenex left and right, and a couple of other teachers even tearing up with me.  But not Sadie. She just smiled and said, "Are you okay mom?"  And then, I pulled myself together and said, "Yep". 
And  I am going to be okay, because I believe that somewhere, before both we came to this earth,  someone said, "And who would like to be Sadie's mom?"  I stood up and shouted and said, "Oh pick me! Pick me!"  

So, we are doing this thing, Gregg and Sadie and I. Right up to the very doors of the Provo MTC.
And I will just end this post with a quote that my dear friend sent me yesterday...
"The greater difficulty, the greater the glory" Cicero
Amen Brotha.

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