Sunday, September 22, 2013


I once heard a saying that made me laugh, "I blog, therefore I am".  Although I certainly hope my blog doesn't define me, I have found it to be an incredibly helpful tool as I have prepared for Sadie to leave on her mission.  Something about sharing this journey just makes it a little easier.
     Sadie gave her "farewell" address to our congregation this morning.   Her topic was the importance of the  family and God's plan for us to have an eternal family.  Yep, I went through a few kleenex.  But, after I came home and took a thirty minute power nap, I managed to regroup. Sadie's last day here will be filled with family and friends and words of encouragement and faith.

This last one was very bitter sweet....knowing it will be eighteen months before I can take another "complete" family picture.
I will just end this post with a quote from Sadie's talk today,
"I'm leaving my family for eighteen months, so other families can know they can be together forever."

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