Monday, December 31, 2012

closing out 2012

After a couple of sad days, our family needed to have a little fun.  It  came in the form of matching pajamas. Pajamas that I actually gave to everyone on Christmas eve, but no one felt like wearing.  Yesterday we had kind of a "do-over" of our Christmas celebration.  I made an AJ's tenderloin roast (something we usually have only once a year), mashed potatoes,  and orange rolls ( another holiday favorite).  Then after dinner, we all put on our new polar bear pajamas.  Can I just tell you how thrilled Gentry was that I actually found polar bear pajamas?!  A couple of the teenagers needed some coaxing to wear the bears,  but eventually we all made it in front of the tripod for a quick shot. 

And then a little spontaneous "wrestling/ attempt at a wedgie" broke out. 

And hugging.

And we all felt a little better.  We ended our night by watching Mr. Kruegers Christmas with Jimmy Stewart.  Another Christmas eve tradition.  It's message is beautiful and timeless, even if it's a little "wardrobe" dated:)

Here's something  else kind of fun.  "McKenna Faith and the Believers"  playing tonight at The Mill Ave. New Year's Eve Party  sponsored by Disney.  If you are local, come check it out!  McKenna is absolutely amazing, and Sadie gets to do back up vocal, keyboard, and base.
Happiest new year's eve to you and your family!