Tuesday, December 18, 2012

see ya blackberry

I have been loyal to my blackberry phone for many years, and for the most part, it's been loyal to me.  Until recently.  Suddenly, I couldn't get emails, my keyboard was falling apart, and let's face it trying to surf the web on a blackberry is like trying to surf on sand instead of water.  For at least a year my kids have been telling me, "Mom, you need to get a smart phone!"  Gregg echoed the thought a few times, but worried about the learning curve (he sometimes tells me I repel technology). Anyway, my sweet husband finally made an executive decision last week and brought me home the new iphone.  It was somewhat of a strange phenomena as I opened the box.  The kids gathered around me and you would have thought we were attending a fireworks show from the, "Oooooos and Awwweees!"  "Guys, it's just a phone" I reminded them.  For the next week, everyone in the house wanted to hold, play with, talk to, and take pictures with my new phone (case in point below).
 Until I finally had to have a heart to heart with all of them....."Guys, I'm sorry to tell you there in no we in the iphone.  So, stop touching my phone.  And I love you all to the moon and back."

I have to admit, this phone has been a lot of fun, and my favorite part is the camera. 

A few shots from my iphone on the road.
The kids helping out at our church's "Bishop's Storehouse"  

 Sierra's new glasses.

                                                                       Culver's finally in AZ. Try their "butter burger"!!!

And....the parents.

And wow....Christmas countdown......a week from today!

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