Thursday, October 17, 2013

a race and the haz mat team

Last Saturday was our sprint triathlon.  Gregg and I have been training for the last nine weeks.  We were joined by our good friend Tonya.  A big thank you to her sweet husband Gary for being our photographer. Since all our start times were different, we kept him moving almost as fast as we were.
This was Gregg and Tonya's first sprint-tri.  They both loved it, and next year we hope to come back with an even bigger team (you know who you are!).  I loved training for this race.  Sprint-tri's are great for shaking up the exercise routine.  It's been the best distraction for Sadie being gone, and I seriously felt kind of depressed the next day knowing it was over. 
But, Sunday we were hit with a little more excitement.  Short version....Sunday night, while trying to cook on our propane stove, the house suddenly started to smell like rotten eggs, and my burners had no flame even with the pilot light on.  When our gas company couldn't make a quick response, we had to call in the good men of the Gilbert fire department.....who called in their  haz mat team.  Yep, good times.  In the end we discovered that through a swiming pool sensor malfunction (another story), our propane tank had been drained while supplying heat to our entire pool and what we were smelling was remaining fumes in the tank.  Can you say cha ching?!?  Anyway, that's my weekend recap.  Now on to this weekend.  TOMORROW is THIRD FRIDAY GIVEAWAY! Hope to see you back here. Peace. 

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