Wednesday, October 23, 2013

quote of the day

While Gentry and I were driving in the car today, she mentioned that one day, when she gets married, she wants her husband to be tall.  I asked "Why"?   And she responded, "Because then our kids will be tall!".  We drove for a few more minutes and then she commented, "I hope my (future) family will be just like our family.  I like our family."  And I decided I need to write that down to remember the next time I'm having one of those days. One of those "I'm failing as a mom" days.  You know the ones...when  you feel like your best isn't enough, and you're tired in every sense of the word, and no matter what approach you take with your kids, it doesn't seem to be right?  Maybe that's just me.  But hey, my ten year old likes her family.  So, it's been a good day.
Sadie and Gentry 08'

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