Friday, October 4, 2013

in her own words

We finally got that all important, highly anticipated, wishing for it sooner,  email from Sadie.  And I breathed a long sigh of relief (and I'll be honest) and cried a few more tears. But these were mostly happy tears, as it was confirmed to me (once again) that Sadie is  happy, healthy, and having experiences that she could have in no other way.  A few excerpts from her email...

"Family and friends! Oh my goodness I made it to the MTC!! It's already been a week, can you believe it? I'm like whoaa I just got here didn't I? The MTC is so amazing and there is so much to learn and take in and it's really amazing. So I'll try to walk you through the week as best as I can remember, (don't worry mom I wrote in all down in my journal so I remember). OK so my companion's name is Sister Andreason, she is from Ohio and she is very knowledgable about the gospel! Haha... and she's pretty spunky like me so we get along well in that sense. So when I got to the MTC, my host was so sweet and walked me through everything, (and I got my name tag!!) and I got on a bus to ride down to MTC West. (Raintree are our classrooms, what room were you in again mom and dad?) So we live at Wyview and have to trek across in the morning to our classes, but it's ok because I'm getting used to the cold now. Plus us Houston sisters keep saying we better enjoy it since it will never be cold like that in Houston. So I absolutely love my district, they are amazing and have become my second family. All the sisters are going to Houston Texas and the Elders are going to Farmington, New Mexico. We get taught in a tiny make-shift classroom, but it's ok because I love my teachers to and the Spirit we feel while they teach us." 
(and...remember Madison...Missionaries going to different places don't usually see each other in the MTC because it's so large and broken into different sections, but....)

"Ok so remember how Sister Kimzey was not able to come into the MTC with me? Well let me tell you how much the Lord loves us. We went up to a Devotional on the Main MTC campus on Saturday I think, and when we got in we got to sit towards the front of the room. A host came up and said Sisters would you like to sit front row? We we're like heck ya! So we went and sat right in front of the speaker. So cool! It was President Daines of the Provo Temple, and he was an amazing speaker. But as I sat down out of the corner of my eye guess who I saw... that's right, SIster Kimzey, who sat on the end row of me. I was soooo happy to see her, and when the Devotional ended, we ran up and hugged each other so tight, it was pretty emotional because I thought I wouldn't see her until after our missions. Then guess what! FOUR other missionaries from my BYU ward came up and talked to us because they saw us!! Such a blessing to reunite with them, I had to leave pretty quick because my companion wanted to go, but it was such a tender mercy to see them (Mom ask for pics from Madisen's mom, Madisen took pics of us!)"

And she sent a few pics... 
Missing this kid, and her laugh, and her smile, and her humor, and her big hugs. But, I guess I need to share her with the people of Houston.  And I'm starting to be  okay with that.  

What are your weekend plans? Fall festival? Corn maze? A visit to the pumpkin patch?  
We will be enjoying eighty degree weather (why we live in AZ) and watching the lds general conference.  Good stuff. Happy Friday to you and yours.

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