Monday, October 7, 2013

a man down

Really, we're quite familiar with the drill now.  Drew heads out the door, participates in some kind of physical activity (this time it was soccer),  and then call me to tell me he thinks he's broken something.  You name it..... foot, leg, collarbone, wrist, and let's not forget his most recent addition to the list.  Elbow.  Last week. we approach our final week of training for our sprint-tri, Drew is out, and I am sad.  He's taken it  much better than me. Sometimes I struggle to find things we can do with our kids that are meaningful beyond just dinner and a movie.  This race was going to be one of those things.  Gregg even signed up so we could be a team.  Now we are back to being a duo.  It's okay.   We're still excited.  And Drew, in his infinite humor, kept me laughing when he asked (as we were headed to get his arm x-rayed), "Do you want Dad to take me so they don't ask if I feel safe at home?"  I replied, "Now that you're a couple of feet taller and a lot bigger than me, I think we're okay." You can read about that little exchange here.
The professional bone breaker.

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