Monday, November 18, 2013

good news

     We got a short email from Sadie today.  I won't post it, but will share her exciting news. The cute lady last week who told Sadie and her comps that they could not leave the Olde Oaks ward must have been doing some really serious praying this week.  Sadie's companion Sister Tau is getting a new companion, but Sadie and Sister Tofa (from Samoa) will be going back to the ward they were transferred from last week.  In other words, they will continue to get to work with Mary and the other people that they have come to know and love.  Blessings.
      Sadie has now been gone almost two months.  Some days are okay, some days are really, really hard.  On those really hard days, I say a silent prayer, and usually, get a confirmation (once again) that Sadie is in Houston for a reason.  Faith is so hard sometimes.

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Unknown said...

Love your girl! hang in there momma!