Tuesday, November 12, 2013

missionary monday (on a tuesday)

Hello dear readers,
    Yesterday Drew, my "man-child" as I like to call him, turned sixteen.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and thought, "We need to have a surprise party!"  And through the beauty of the group text message instant communication, and the help of Drew's friends, we did. I know, so unlike me not to plan this way ahead, but sometimes, I do like to be spontaneous. No really. But, more on that tomorrow and onto Sadie's email yesterday. 
     Sometimes lds congregations (what we call "wards") get reorganized. A common reason is when a ward has grown to large for capacity of a meeting house.  Sometimes there are other needs to.  I will let Sadie pick up from there...

Ok so for this week, as the title suggests, there have been some changes! So Sister Tofa Sister Tau and I are in the Olde Oaks ward, and yesterday while in church they said please come back at 1:30 for a special meeting, we will be reorganizing the wards! We were like WOAH! We heard rumors but now we knew it was true. So we came back and, now, we are in the new Ponderosa ward! Woot woot! We have our same bishop so that's good, and our second mom, Sister Dorciak-lemen, and her family will still be with us too. (She's the one that has the massive dog, we are always at her house.) BUT that means there is a possibility we could be split up because transfers are next week! AND OH MY GOODNESS I BETTER NOT BE TRAINING. I'm still a baby. But, I'll do whatever the Lord and President Pingree want me to do! 

For miracles this week, we've had several. Miss Mary, our "auntie" (she's the one who's 71) came to church and she loved it again! AND so did Ila , AND so did Veronica and Rick ! They all had such a good time, and when we got home, Veronica sent us a text saying "Rick said we have found our new church!" OH MY GOODNESS!! We really jumped for joy. Here's the catch: So everyone who came to church, all of our investigators included: Miss Mary,  Yolanda, Jarniesa, Angel and Larabon, have all been moved out of our boundries. Which means, we will no longer be teaching them. Haha, funny how that works huh? But the elders moved to the new Olde Oaks ward, so they will get to teach them. It was funny because one of the ladies was saying, "You cannot leave! No, no you can't because my kids are finally coming to church because of you! They need sisters! You need to call the Stake President and Bishop and have a word with them!"  

It's really interesting how the Lord works, because I was a little disappointed when we figured this all out. We've worked so hard with these investigators! But, I'm humbling myself and realizing how much we need to help the other area too.  I am realizing how much I need the Lord in my life, and how much he has guided me up until now, and I want him to guide me for the rest of my life. I am realizing how unselfish I need to be, and I am trying so hard to become like Him and develop His attributes. It is oh so hard, but as a sister put it, it's "wonderfully hard!" I know that if we pray to Heavenly Father, he answers us in his own way, and own time, and he does not ever leave us. 

Sadie's mission president and his wife, the Pingrees.  Can I just tell you how happy I feel knowing there are another mom and dad looking out for Sadie in Houston!? Seriously, warm fuzzies every time I see a pic like this. 

Mosquitos.  Just wait till their moms and dad show up this summer!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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