Sunday, November 3, 2013

trick or treat

A fall festival.

 And onto halloween morning, when two super heroes emerged.  Armed with smiles and target underwear.

A halloween tradition.

And some costume prep courtesy of Sierra.

 Presenting, from left to right...Reyna (from Percy Jackson's Camp Jupiter), a teenager, and Super Girl.

And Gregg (being Gregg) with his very patient wife.

 A pumpkin with attitude.

And this one...Drew, who wasn't dressing up, but suddenly showed up transformed. How I love this teenager.

And Sierra also seemed to morph, from Super Girl, to a Luchadora (think "Nacho Libre").

The Tweens.

The youngers.
 Here's to hoping your kids got all of your favorite halloween candy.
I think we've got enough chocolate to safely get us through until christmas.  

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