Tuesday, November 5, 2013

sack cloth and blue birds

November has finally arrived, and I am ready to bake.  A couple of months ago I started using Blue Bird flour.  It's excellent for baking and there's something about the colorful cloth sack that it comes in that makes me happy. Maybe it's just from thinking about my pioneer ancestors, and a simpler time.  I am seriously in love with these bags.
I always save them. I decided yesterday that one of these recycled sacks would provided the perfect wrapping for the cookies I was sending to Sadie.
The great thing about these sacks is that they fade to different shades after washing, giving a couple of different looks.  The one above kept most of its color. 
But, I also love this one, which faded quite a bit more.  It just seems to vary with each dye-lot.  I'm always looking for fun ways to wrap things. Cause let's face it ladies,  Christmas is only fifty days away!

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