Thursday, January 12, 2012


 First of all, a big "thank you" to my friend Toni who noticed that on my post two days ago, I left out a very important ingredient in the "swiss toffee recipe".  Butter.  My apologies, and the recipe has been corrected. Apparently my blondishness has been a little dominant lately.
                    (case in point below)
Yesterday I picked Gentry up from school, drove home, got her a snack, and started to help her with her homework.  You've probably heard of the book "Flat Stanley".  Last month, Gentry sent "Flat Gentry" to her grandparents in WI. They were asked to take pictures of "Flat Gentry" and return them to her teacher. So, while she was doing homework, I was looking through the pictures and commented,
   I remember when Drew had this assignment. 
(Oh my gosh! Drew! I completely forgot to pick him up from school! We had been home for 45 minutes.)
So, I run out, hop in the car and head for school.  It's about 3 1/2 miles away. I'm thinking,
     Surely he's walking home by now?
I drive slowly, I don't see him anywhere.  I'm picturing us (earlier) driving past him on the way home, and him standing up and waving, and me totally oblivious.  By this time, I am almost to his school.  And sure enough, there is Drew sitting on the curb, leaning up against his backpack.  I pull in, and at this point, I am laughing so hard I'm crying.  He gets in the car, just looks at me shakes his head and smiles. Drew...
    I figured you'd remember me at some point, you drove right past me and I was waving!

    I though you'd be walking by now!

   I would have except my backpack's really heavy today and it hurts my collarbone (mother of the year!)

   Didn't you have your cell phone?

   It died right as you drove past.  I thought about rubbing it on my head to make static electricity.

    Does that work to charge it?

     I don't know, but it seemed like it might be worth a shot.

I know, now Drew and I are both sounding a little blonde (we are),  but it was so funny!  And, of all my kids to forget, he was definitely the best sport.