Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hieroglyphics Hike

The kids went back to school today. This morning was, well, let's be honest, kinda brutal!  The kids average wake-up time during the break (average= 4 kids wake-up times divided by 4)...maybe 11:30 am?  Yes, 6:15 am was painful this morning.  But, now I'm up, dressed, showered and it's only 9:00 am.  Nice.  Sierra started a new school this morning.  In perfect "third child" form, she wasn't even nervous.  

We did a fun 3 mile hike New Year's day.  I highly recommend this for the whole family.   Here's the link: Hieroglyphics Trail. Thanks to Gregg for the photography.

If you take this hike in early spring, it actually has a really nice waterfall/stream...but this was it for our hike.  Of course Sierra wanted to swim, but I told her we'd just leave that to this black lab.

The hike was followed by lunch at Firehouse (one of our favorites).  Do you see Gentry?  She was mad and choose to stay in the car.  She's the only one in our fam who doesn't like Firehouse. I actually offered to pick up something else, but by then she was so mad we'd chosen Firehouse that she refused that too.  Oh well, 5 out of 6 are still pretty good odds for this family.

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