Tuesday, January 24, 2012

people are funny

Tuesday's are "treat days" in our family.  So,  today I picked up the kids from school, and they decided on McDonald's ice-cream.  I arrived at McDonald's, pulled up to "the box",  gave my order, and pulled up to the window to pay.  I handed the guy my credit card, and then, there was a long wait.  Eventually, he sticks his head out the window and apologizes (their credit card machines were down).  I say "no problem" and continue to wait.  Another 5 minutes pass...I happen to look in my side rear-view and see the guy behind me glaring at me.  Another 5 minutes pass, and I'm feeling very uncomfortable at the front of what has become a very long line.  At this point, a car 2 or 3 back from us pulls around our car and parks.  A man gets out, gives me a horrible look and I believe a hand gesture, and heads into McDonald's.  I recognize him a manager of the Target I frequent.  Very nice.  So....I look in my rear-view and the guy behind me now looks like he's going to be moved to violence at any minute.  The McDonald's worker then opens the window again, hands me card and apologizes one more time.  Snap! The guy behind me can't take it anymore.  He guns his engine and peels out to move in front of me to the pick-up window.  Apparently someone there filled him in....because he didn't wait for his food, but instead gunned his engine again and sped out of the parking lot. Really?  My kids are sitting there shocked (so am I ).  So, I realize I've just been given a "teaching moment"....  
       So, guys...life is full of these kind of situations...you know, when you get so frustrated you can't take it?  But I want you to know we always have a choice to decide how we react.  And , it's really important to learn to be calm.  Cause other wise, you'll look like these people!
( I've always said my kids show more maturity than some adults I know).  
And, we still enjoyed our ice-cream.