Saturday, January 14, 2012


Last night I was pulling through the "drive-thru" at Taco Bell.  I was listening to "the Big 80's" on Sirius. The song "Hold Me Now" came on and I had one of those sentimental/notalgic moments remembering back in the day.  I love that song.  Love it.  Loved the album (or was it a cassette tape my sophomore year?). Remember the Columbia Record and Tape club?  Twelve records or tapes for only 1 cent. Yeah, I was all over that.  Of course, I forgot to read the small print (something about having to purchase 6 more at regular price..blah, blah).   And then you had to send those cards in every month saying you didn't want to buy whatever they were featuring that month.  By the time I was done, I'd payed for those 12 cassette tapes in stamps. 
      After walking through those high school memories for just a moment, I picked up dinner for the kids and drove home.  And, I thought about that time before I had kids, when I was the kid.  And,  how it was a good time.  And I also thought about how I'm grateful to be in my "here and now" and how along the path I've gained patience and perspective. And, how I can still appreciate a really good song when I hear it. Ya know?

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