Friday, June 22, 2012


We’re waiting to board a plane to Rome and excited for the next leg of our adventure.  Yesterday we did an all day walking tour of Barcelona (navigation courtesy of Gregg and his google map app.) 
Ok ladies, just ten blocks this way. Ok, just about two miles that way.
He’s been a very patient and efficient tour guide.
Walking everywhere had several advantages: first, great people watching opportunities, second, getting to see the incredible architecture up close, third, I didn’t feel one bit bad stopping every two hours to try a new food or dessert.  My favorite food so far?  Well, since Barcelona is on the coast of the mediterranean, the sea food is wonderful. The gelato, almost as good as Vienna.  But the thing I’ve loved the most are the empanadas , these little pies filled with meat, different types of cheeses, grilled veggies and seasonings (served hot or cold).  Yum.
          Barcelona has a little more “touristy” vibe to it than Madrid, but many parts of the city still feel like the traditional “old world” Europe.  Several people warned us to be aware of purse snatching while traveling in Spain.  After a few days of touring, I was becoming a little complacent. Until yesterday.  We had spent several hours in the market district.  We were walking down one of the smaller streets, when suddenly, three feet in front of us, this group of young girls (maybe fourteen years old) started yelling and screaming.  We looked around startled. They ran past us back toward the main street and returned with two policemen. They were frantically pointing to another side street ahead, and the policemen took off running full speed down that street. Apparently someone had stolen one of the girl’s purses right in front of us and we hadn’t even noticed.  I quickly got out my camera, because I thought a purse snatcher getting busted would make good blog material…bummer though, I think he got away. 
        Aside from (sort of) witnessing a crime, our trip so far has been just lovely (as the British say) and I can’t wait to tour Rome.
one last pic in madrid

catching the "bullet" train to barcelona

arrived to see the sun set

"La Sagrada Family", the most unusual basilica I've ever seen.  The architect was by Gaudi......very unique and too much to explain in this blog, if you're interested, read about it here.

Although unusual, I also thought the interior had the most beautiful stained glass I've ever seen.

desending down fourteen flights

this was gregg....all day long.....super gps guy and we never had to ask for directions

Gaudi's home was also unique...notice the skeleton eyes (on the building behind) that serve as small porches on the windows.

loved these m&m's....colors made especially to honor spain's soccer team "real espana"
The open air market...

"Hey kids, how about some fried octypus for dinner?"

we had to make our obligatory stop.....gregg has a t-shirt from almost everyone in the world.....and kids we picked you up a gift

Next post......Rome.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog and pics! We were also in Barcelona that week and i was looking for a foto showing the M&M's honoring the spanish team - and got lucky on your site.
Hoping you' have a nice trip.
Rgds from Hamburg, Germany

Terra said...

Thx so much! Glad I could help. We spent a week in Germany this time last year. Your country is absolutely beautiful!