Thursday, June 14, 2012

this and that

Our summer so far goes something like this...

Lake trip with Sadie and the graduated teens.

Drew heading out on our ward's pioneer trek.....

 Drew coming  home very dirty, tired,  and excited about what he called a "really cool" experience.  The kids learned about their pioneer ancestors through written accounts and journals from actual pioneers.  Read about a true story here that impressed Drew the most.

On to June 7th.  Gregg and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in the mountains.  Blue skies, breeze through the trees, and some peace and quiet.  So nice.

 On the way home we saw this and smiled...another stake had marked the turnoff for their pioneer trek adventure.

When we got back the kids had been busy shopping and decorating to wish Gregg an early father's day (since we will be airborne for Sadie's senior trip next week).

Last, Drew and his friends used a skim board, a bike, and our neighbor's irrigation to pass a few summer hours before the sun went down.

I love summer.

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