Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a night and day in Madrid

Well hi there internet!  Finally able to connect.  Loving our trip so far.
 Monday we hooked up with Gregg (returning from South Africa) at London's Heathrow.  This Harrod's bear will only set you back about 1,300 pounds (with the exchange rate that day, about 2000 dollars).  We decided to just stick with a picture (plus he wouldn't fit in my suitcase anyway).  

We arrived in Madrid and this was the view from our hotel room.

We decided to explore a little and have some dinner.
Found this cafe, and it was delish.
I thought this water bottle was such a pretty piece of glass....I'm bringing it home with me if it can survive the trip.

I ventured out and tried the sea bass (just for you Lisa) and yum!
Our first full day....first stop, the Prado museum (Goya, Rafael, and Velazquez ).

Jet lag was setting in fast for Sadie.  One coke later and 300 paintings later....

we set off on one of my very favorite past times.  People watching. 
I love the human race.

 Recoleta Park (think Central Park, but cleaner, fewer people, and incredible architecture).  

The desserts? Well, I hope to try every one before I leave.

All of the street signs are a little work of art...very nice little paintings.

And dang!!! So much more I want to write, but even as I type this Sadie and Gregg are saying,
Let's go!!!
So I better end this...until my next blog.  


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