Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Gregg and I like to take our kids on individual "dates". It was Sierra's turn to go with me last week.  She wanted to do a craft project together.  The one we decided to do takes me back to my girl scout years and the "doily" days.  Remember when every single craft involved a doily?  Sierra has a favorite saying, and she wanted to design some type of frame and mat to go with the saying.  We ventured out to Hobby Lobby and then had to make a trip to Michael's (can you believe our Hobby Lobby doesn't carry doilys?).  We had a 40% off coupon and found a frame that Sierra loved, so we just worked on creating a fun mat.  This was the result.  I liked it so much (especially framing a black and white pic) that I'm going to make a few more.

We used charcoal paint, a small roller brush, and doily's.  First, make sure to punch out all the perforations on the doilys.  Then, mark the center of a piece of art board according to the size of picture or quote you'd like to use. Next arrange doily's around the picture.  Then, use the roller brush to paint completely over the doily's.  Immediately after covering the doily's with paint, gently remove them (so they don't stick).  

This was a fun easy project to do, and Sierra was very pleased with the results.
Happy crafting!

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Julie said...

This is so cute! I love the color of the frame. Your blog looks wonderful as well! I'm a new blogger as well -This is my second week! Hope to see more great projects from you.