Saturday, June 23, 2012


Rome.  Massive. Breathtaking. Historical. The most impressive European city I've ever seen.
It's midnight (again) and I'm still trying to convince my brain (and it's sleep patterns) to line up with the appropriate time zone. Have I mentioned ambien is my new best friend? Hope you enjoy these pics.

the vatican and st. peter's basilica  
our tour guide, an older italian gentleman by the name of Sandro who is incredibly charming

Gregg and Aidan had some business earlier in the day.
The staff asked Gregg to make a little wardrobe change, and he did, because you know...When in Rome...
Aidan was a good sport too.

Sandro will be back tomorrow with more tour guiding.....I will be back tomorrow with more blogging.

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Porters said...

I am loving all your posts, the pictures are amazing. I guess the real question is how are you enjoying everyday and still find time to share with all of us?