Friday, June 29, 2012

until september

The Alps... are they one of the seven natural wonders of the world? They should be.

Our trusty nissan rental never failed us....we logged over 930 miles.
Sadie was having a hard time focusing as we tried to stuff as much info in her brain as possible durning this trip.
We became experts at "pack, unpack, pack" as we visited a different hotel each (and every night).
I blogged, and blogged, and blogged.
We were in awe at the color of this lake...
and this waterfall that fed into it.
Flowers everywhere as spring bloomed in France.
There's a reason the French as so well known for their bread and pastries. They seriously melt in your mouth.

Some French architecture.
We "hiked" the alps...ok, it was a half  mile, stretch your legs thing, but it totally counted.
View from the trail.

This is the last picture I took on our trip.  My camera battery was almost dead, and to be honest, so was I.  Blogging about our whole adventure was a lot of work, but it was important work for me.  Without sounding cliché, it really was a “once in a lifetime” experience.  Sadie will only be seventeen once.  Gregg and I will only have this opportunity to spend so much individual time with her once. In the next few years, a lot can, and probably will change.  Drew starts high school in August and Sierra starts junior high. Gentry is growing so tall and starting to loose her “little girl” look.  When my kids were all babies, days sometimes felt like months. Now I’d give anything to slow down the clock.  I’ve lived long enough to know, that as my life moves forward, year by year, my happy memories of the past are something I sometimes long to relive.  I am so grateful for all of those happy memories, and especially the ones we’ve created this past two weeks.  I have to remind myself also, that there is so much to look forward to…..with that said my friends; I’m taking a blogging break.  I have other things that need my attention.  I’ll be back in September, hopefully with new adventures.  Until then, I wish you and your family a wonderful summer filled with all the things, and more importantly, the people you love.

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Angela said...

See you in September Terra! With that said...your blog was chosen as this week's blog of the week over on Blog Mommas. Enjoy your break - you deserve it! BTW, your photographs are amazing. I especially like the one of the church. Very pretty! :)