Saturday, October 22, 2011

day of service

Mesquite ward activity tonight....
(special thanks to my friend Janette for tonight's photograpy)

Lots of great projects, including a food drive for St. Anne's (colllections by the teenagers of our ward),
and even some outdoor service projects for our neighborhood.

this kind of strange (candid) picture of me with my friend Heidi. Do I look serious? I was.  I was getting a sewing lesson.   Lately I've had this funny need to try things that are hard for me.  Have I mentioned my 8th grade home ec. class? Yes, I hate to sew.  Just entering a fabric store makes me break out in a cold sweat.  But, for some reason today, I found myself seeking out the sewing room.  In that room they were sewing newborn blankets to go to moms in need.  And suddenly, as I entered that room, I thought, "I'm going to learn to sew today"...weird.  But, check this out, after a very good lesson from Heidi, I sewed not one, but three blankets...go me!!! And,  they actually looked good.  And, I decided that trying hard things is a good thing.  And, I love the Mesquite ward....they really are like family....and they accomplished some amazing things today.