Thursday, October 20, 2011

my day, in a nut shell

Woken up at 6:00 a.m. by Gbee who needed Advil (got hit with a field hockey stick in p.e. yesterday, thinks her wrist might be broken,  can't get in with the orthoped. until Tuesday-super)

Made smoothies (at Drew's request)

Packed lunches

Checked emails

Cleaned kitchen

Talked to my Mom and Dad in WI

Made chili for the junior high teacher's luncheon

Ran out of time and had to go with "third day" hair and a quick shower

Delivered chili

Chatted with the other food delivering moms

Came home

Did my church job

Picked up kids

Provided snacks and my ears for the days events

More of my church job

Lost track of time, bagged dinner, picked up Wendy's (who got the order wrong)

Headed to G's soccer practice

Inhaled a lot of dust and pollen

Saw an amazing sunset        

Came home, helped with homework, listened to more of the days dramatics..
(Gbee, talking about some kids that were mean today..."Sometimes I just wish they would fly away....and drop!") Laughed.

Washed G's hair for her (damaged wrist)
Fed the kids (again)
Had family prayer
Tucked G and Sierra in
Started blogging
Gentry was scared
Tucked her in (again)
Got a call from Lisa (who spent 4 hours in her vehicle shuttling kids today)
Empathized and felt grateful my teenager can drive
Waited for the teenager (who was talking to a "friend" in the driveway) to come in...waited...text her...waited...text her again (It's getting late Cinderella)
Told my teenager "thank you" for coming in
Looked at the clock and thought,  "Only seven more hours before I do it all again..."
But, did you see that sunset?  My life is so good.